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Top 5 Industries for Jobs in Detroit Right Now

In need of work in the Motor City? Here are the top 5 current industries for jobs in Detroit.

Comparing the best possible career opportunities, or easy money making opps is really important when you’re looking for a new job.  Whether you’re just after the easy fix and you want to ensure that you can find a new job without going through the hassle of actually trying to apply and interview over and over again, or you want to choose the right college major to make a future for yourself.  You have to be sure that you know what ‘s hiring and what types of careers are really on the rise, and that’s where studying jobs in Detroit is so important before you go hunting down your career path.

If you want to live in Detroit, then you have to make sure that you’re able to work in Detroit.  If there are only five positions in the entire city for rocket scientists, that may not be the type of career that you want to go for because the ratio of competition versus availability just isn’t in your favor.  No you want to choose the jobs that yes are going to pay well, but that are also on the rise, so you can virtually guarantee they are going to be around ten to 20 years from now.  Not making sure that you can find those types of opportunities can lead to some pretty big career difficulties down the line, the likes of which you really don’t want to have to trouble yourself with:

1.  Retail work

This is always going to be a popular one in a capitalist economy.  Our economy is driven on the supply and demand philosophy, and of people constantly buying and selling products to keep money moving throughout the entire nation.  That means retail work is always popular, because these are jobs at the actual stores that are really the building blocks for America.  That means they are not going anywhere, and they are some of the most common jobs in Detroit, and can be some of the best paying if you can rise through the ranks to store manager levels.  Plus retail jobs Detroit are also some of the most common, meaning that you can always find a store to pay you a decent wage.

2.  Physical and Occupational Therapists

The medical field is always a popular one, and the jobs of many types of therapists have been getting more and more popular each year for a while now.  One such type of position is for occupational therapists as well as physical therapists.  Both can help to work through hard times with patients, whether physically or emotionally, so that they can better adjust to normal life and the rigors involved therein.

3.  Food Service

Where there are people, there is always going to be a need to have food served, and that means jobs in Detroit will always have room for food service specialists.  That’s because these are some of the most common types of careers, and it’s almost a known fact that if you’re a good cook you’ll always be able to find a job somewhere in the city.  Plus they are always some of the best summer jobs Detroit has to offer if you’re just after a temporary position.

4.  Product Engineers

Detroit has been known as an auto Mecca for some time now, and you’re going to find that this continues on into today somewhat.  You’ll find that these types of careers are also ideal choices if you’re looking for a great job that’s extremely high paying.  Plus product engineering jobs have grown by 30% in the last few years, making them increasingly in demand and high paying positions.  So as long as you have the education, this can be one of the top jobs in Detroit.

5.  Lower Level Healthcare Positions

The healthcare industry is in a constant state of development and change, and one of the things that’s always changing and developing is the types of jobs that are available.  But lower end positions like administrative duties, as well as registered nursing positions have been on a steady rise for some time now, with no signs that the trend is going to be stopping.  That means this can be a great job opportunity for you, and is going to be something that you really want to consider.


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