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Top Qualities Needed For Professional Dog Walking Jobs

Trying your hand at dog walking jobs during the day can provide you with a great income boost. Here are the qualities you'll need in order to succeed.

Dog walking jobs aren’t just for kids anymore, and in fact they can turn into pretty lucrative careers if you know what you’re doing.  Pets are something that so many animal lovers have, and they really want them to get the best possible care that they can when they have to be away.  That’s why pet owners are willing to hire people to take care of their dogs, or even just to walk them to be sure that their animals get plenty of exercise.  That means there’s a ton of potential out there for all sorts of great and easy paychecks that you can earn, doing something that you really love.

But becoming a professional dog walker is not as easy as it may sound, as it still takes some skill in order to master. These are jobs that go well above and beyond just your standard take the dog and walk them sort of responsibilities.  While dog walking can be a great first job for kids, it’s not really anything like what an adult would do.  There’s a whole different degree of expectations that you’re going to have to be prepared for.

Here is what the job can demand, and what you’re going to want to do, so that you can really sell yourself on any dog walking jobs:

1) The main responsibilities of dog walking jobs.

The first thing that you’re going to find is that a job like this typically entails a lot more than just walking the dog periodically.  In fact, these have evolved into full fledged careers just like groomers or sitters, or anything else of the like.  In all actuality, these dog walking jobs are actually more amalgamations of the old style of the profession and dog sitting jobs.  That means they entail watching over and providing just about everything for the dogs that you’re going to be caring for.

Basically this means the average type of dog walker career entails actually checking in on dogs usually while the owner is away.  Whether they are away on full business and you’re responsible for actually caring for the dog for a few hours, or if they are just at work, this is more about caring for the dog for a temporary amount of time.  That means going into the home, playing with the dog, and even taking them on a nice long walk so that they can get some much needed exercise.  But it can also including general feeding and caring for as well.

2) There are also some certifications that you want to have.

Just like with any other type of job you want to have some certification to show that you can handle what the work entails.  Most typically for dogs this means you’re going to want to have two things.  Number one you want to have plenty of expertise with dogs, so it’s a good idea to volunteer at local shelters or different types of animal care facilities, so that you can start working with them more closely.

From there, you also want to get certification in canine CPR.  You never know when something could go wrong, and this could save a dog’s life that you’re caring for.  This certification is something that’s likely to never be used, but it’s a great idea to have anyway just because it shows your level of commitment so that you can prove that you are the best person to care for someone’s pet while they’re away.  Pets are pretty sacred to owners, and you want to show that you’re totally trustful, so that they are going to enjoy the fact that you’re providing the dog walking service.

3) Have plenty of patience.

Because dogs can’t talk, you’re going to find that you have to have a lot of patience with them.  Usually they are going to have to learn you so that they can see you are to be trusted.  But what you will also find is that you have to be patient when it comes to everything like feeding, taking them on walks, and even getting them to go to the bathroom outside as well.  Having that patience, but keeping grace under pressure so that you can schedule several dog walking jobs during the course of the day is really important, so that you can make a go of your career.

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