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Top Skills Necessary For Online Proofreading Jobs

The beauty of online proofreading jobs is the fact that you can work on your own schedule from a home computer; but you'll need to have the following skills to succeed.

As long as there is content to be written online, there will be the need to fill online proofreading jobs.  That’s because these are positions by which you actually go through content and pick out the errors for a writer or web host, much in the same way an editor would.  This is an important role to play, because nobody wants to read a webpage that’s racked with errors. It can make paragraphs difficult to get through, and it makes any information that you’re taking away from the site sound amateur at best.   That’s why so many web content providers actually enlist online proofreaders to help, and that can be an ideal job for anybody looking to make some quick cash.

However, as with any type of career path, online proofreading jobs require that you have some pretty important skills if you want to be able to make a name for yourself.  In fact, you’ll have to do a bit of preparation most likely, to show that you’re ready for the industry and that you understand everything there is to know about proofreading and being a success when it comes to reading someone else’s work.  Here are a few of the most important skills you need to have, and what you can do to be the best possible applicant:

1) Have a great command of the English language.

You can’t proofread if you don’t know what it is that you’re reading.  While you’re not likely to encounter words as big as antidisestablishmentarianism very often, you still need to have a good command of everything to do with the language.  This way you can judge sentence structure, in addition to spelling, as well as whether or not words have been used correctly.  This is all a part of online proofreading jobs, and you have to have a great command of the language in order to succeed.

2) Attention to detail.

Most items are proofread at least once before you have them in your hands, and you will find that you need to be able to catch the little things that they miss.  You’re the safety net here, so if you don’t have the attention to detail that can spot a misplaced period in a 1,000 word article, then nobody else is going to be able to notice these things.  Attention to detail is really the name of the game, and something you have to have in your arsenal.  This is something that you can practice as well, as you want to just get into the habit of correcting your writing, or even the writing of others whenever possible.  Of course, don’t become an annoyance otherwise friends will stop wanting to “help” you practice.

3) A degree or at least general understanding of copyediting wouldn’t hurt.

While these types of jobs are not always the highest paying, they can be fantastic career opportunities nonetheless, and still offer great job security.  But in order to be at op candidate you might want to consider getting a copy editing degree, at least at the associates level. This way, you can showcase a higher understanding of the industry, and everything that’s on offer.

4) Multilingual proofreaders are always a bonus.

Because the internet has created more of a global economic phenomena than ever before, you will find that there’s massive demand all over the glove for online proofreading jobs.  That means the more languages you know and can speak semi-fluently the better.  So if you already have a good understanding of Spanish, Italian, Japanese, etc you can find plenty of opportunities out there beyond just your native language.  In fact online proofreading jobs that deal with translation are some of the best paying and most high in demand.

5) Be prepared to start out small.

As with any type of job in the world, sometimes you have to prove your worth when it comes to succeeding in any given industry.  That means you have to start out small, and take the jobs that only offer a few bucks per article, or that offer you a meager sum per hour.  This way, you can at least get your foot in the door, and get the invaluable experience that you need, so that you can take your career to the next level.


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