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Virtual Assistant Jobs: The Secretarial Opportunities Of The Future

Virtual assistant jobs are a fantastic home based work opportunity. Here's how they work, and where to find such openings.

Secretarial work is always going to be a great opportunity for anybody looking to crack into the business work, or just looking for a good low level job that also pays well.  However, you’re going to find that many companies are looking for more online based types of jobs to be filled, because they just don’t have the need for on site helpers anymore. That’s where virtual assistant jobs have been on the rise, and have gotten actually really popular as of late.  This is where you perform all the duties an assistant would do normally, but that you’re able to do from your home online, instead.

You’re going to find that there are a lot of different types of virtual assistant jobs out there as well, so you can rest assured that there are going to be some good opportunities to apply for.  It’s all about knowing what to expect, what you should apply for, and then where you should be looking for jobs that’s really going to matter. There are a lot of opportunities out there, and you’re going to find that choosing the right ones is really going to be important for you:

1) First off, what do virtual assistant jobs entail?

You’re going to find that these are basically like any other types of assistant positions, despite the fact that you’ll be performing your duties online.  Every day you’ll be responsible for the same types of tasks that you would expect of a secretary just in different ways.  Here are some of the key things that will be required of you in most cases:

-Data Entry

You’ll be expected to fill out all sorts of information online, and this is really the new way that assistants file information.  That means transferring data into different places to that it can be tracked and so that your virtual files are always easy to locate in a logical storage system that make accessing information as easy as can be.

-Virtual Scheduling

Now with virtual calendars running everybody’s life, you can end up being responsible for organizing and making changes to those virtual calendars, so that you can ensure that everybody is on top of what they need to be doing at any given time.  With virtual assistant jobs you can expect a lot of scheduling like this for others.

-Project Management

But really many freelance jobs like these are going to require that you have expert management skills on just about everything a project would need.  They are sort of jack of all trades positions, so you can be asked to do all different things and you have to prepare for that.

2) Job requirements.

You’ll find that like any other type of career or position you’re going to need to meet the requirements of virtual assistant jobs so that you can show that you’re actually able to do the work that will be required of you.  That means having a reliable internet connection in addition to having a computer that can handle any program you have to run.  But you will also have to be sure that you’re tech savvy enough to handle any computing or programming you will have to do, and that can mean having to take a few courses just to upgrade your computer literacy.

3) Searching for work.

And of course, you have to find the right arena where virtual assistant jobs are going to be posted and available.  There are several sites out there that can help you with postings, but for freelance jobs and telecommuting without ever meeting the people that will be hiring you, these are the sources that you’re going to want to entrust:

One of the best sites for freelancing in all different forms, here you can find just about any type of online job that you could possibly want.  Plus they are assured to have virtual assistant jobs, and you can pick and choose as well as post your resume online so employers can find you.

The premier site for freelance jobs, here you’ll find a great place to search as they always have virtual assistant positions available.  Plus you can find those that are on flexible pay scales, or that only require you to work so many hours a week as you will have available if you’re only looking for part time work.

A site where you can browse job listings from all over the place, including other sites, and then link to those so that you can find the right job.  That way you can apply right online, but also make yourself available for a lot more virtual assistant jobs than you would do otherwise.

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