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What You Can Expect To Earn With The Average Social Worker Salary

What's the average social worker salary and high and low pay range? Take a look here to see.

Deciphering how much any given career pays can e a  great asset to teach you more about the career in question and whether or not it’s something that you want to pursue.  Sure a lot of people are going to say that you should go after your dreams, and that’s going to ensure that you’ll be really happy for a lifetime of career minded work.  But you’re also going to find that your dreams have to pay the bills.  One such career option is through social work, as it’s a way that you can help people while also getting paid at the same time.  But finding out about the social worker salary that you can expect and what you could stand to earn is vital.

That’s why you want to look at a few things really, and the amount of money that you could stand to earn is pretty different no matter what aspect of the job you plan on working.  But you do have to be prepared for the trials and tribulations of this type of work beforehand, as you’re going to find that it’s really no cakewalk and most people end up washing out in this type of career.  But you will find that they can be extraordinary rewarding as well.  Here’s what you’re going to find when it comes to job prospects as well as the future opportunities that you’re going to run into when you’re seeking a top social worker salary:

1. Understand first that education is everything.

There are a lot of different types of social work jobs out there, and the education that you have for them is really going to be everything when it comes time to go job searching.  The more you know the more you’re going to be able to succeed and take on. So a social worker that has a bachelor’s degree will be able to go far with any agency as that’s the minimum required achievement if you really want to work in the field. But going for your masters is always going to be a good idea because it opens you up for so many more different types of jobs as well.

2. Average salaries for both degree levels.

You’re also going to discover that both degrees have their salary levels for how much you can expect to make with that type of degree and career choice.  You’ll find that the figures on your possible social worker salary are actually pretty different based upon how much education you have, so it really is a big factor to think about:

3. Undergraduate degree averages.

This is your most basic type of worker, and they will take on most of your workhorse types of jobs.  What you”ll find in this type of position is that usually you can look forward to making in and around $40,000 to $50,000 a year on average.  Usually it’s based on experience and going in you’ll obviously be looking at the lower end of that figure, but after you put in a few years you can flip that amount.

4. Masters degree averages

You’ll find that when you go all the way to getting your masters, the opportunities that you have for success are actually pretty different.  Here you can get the higher ranking positions, including the ones that feature actual management of a social worker staff.   These are usually going to start at $50,000 with the roof blowing over to practically $70,000 territory as well.  That’s a pretty big difference, and one that could make a major change in how you live your life.

5. But remember that statistics show that other factors contribute to your social worker salary as well.

Something that not everybody seems to realize about jobs sometimes, is that it’s not numbers on the average salary that you could potentially earn that’s so important to you.  But rather, you’re going to have to look at several things like where you’re working and just how much you’re going to be doing with your jobs.

When it comes to social work careers if you want to be at the top in that upper echelon of workers, then you need to be where the work is and usually that means living in the city.   City social workers always get paid more, because they have a much larger volume of cases to deal with.  The more cases that you have to worry about, the more that you can expect to end up being paid in the end.


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