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Why Construction Management Jobs Are a Great Career Path

Construction management jobs offer great rewards for your supervisory role. Here's why you may want to consider a career in this field.

Finding the right types of construction management jobs can prove to be the best career choice you ever make, because of the many benefits that they provide.  With just about any sort of career path of this type, you’re going to find that it’s your open door to a challenging and involving job that’s going to provide you with the benefits that you really need to make it an ideal career.  All you have to do is figure out which type of construction management jobs seem the most appealing to you. 

There are several different opportunities out there for entry level construction management jobs, but you do need to fine tune and ensure that you’re actually ready for the position, and the type of job you want to land.  That’s why there’s a little bit of preparation that comes with actually applying to the job.

1) Education and experience matter, a lot.

This is a job that you don’t just hire anybody for, because it requires the coordination of several different parts of construction, so that you can put together an actual building flawlessly.  What means that you have to have an education in actual construction management, as well as architecture so that you can show that you have a total understanding in what’s expected of you.  Most typically, you also need to work on the lower end of the ladder for some period of time as well, to be sure that you’re going to be ready for working on a construction site and all of the atmosphere, safety concerns, and daily activities that go alongside.

2) Get certified.

To really get the good construction management jobs, you need to have certification, and that means you need to pass a few tests.  Most typically it’s a good idea to pass the Associate Constructor and Certified Professional Constructor tests, so that you can show that you really know what you’re talking about.  Of course for construction management jobs you have to go one better and also get the Certified Construction Manager certification from the Construction Management Association of America if you want to be available for the best types of jobs. 

Typically those take a degree in civil engineering, construction management, or construction engineering, so you want to be sure that your bachelor’s degree is up to date.

From there, you’re really ready to reap the rewards, of which there are a lot for becoming a construction manager.  Take for example the fact that your average construction jobs of this caliber provide:

                -Fantastic Insurance Benefits. 

Most hiring companies provide full medical and life insurance to managers and their families so that they can be sure they are taken care of so that they can focus on getting the job done when it comes to building.

                -High Starting Salary

Even just the starting salary for most entry level construction management jobs are going to be scraping the surface of 6 figures.  This makes them true 100k plus jobs after you’ve been in the field and proven your worth for a few years.


Frequently, because construction projects are so oft delayed, and that causes all sorts of money problems for the higher ups, most construction jobs like these give fantastic bonuses for getting the job done on time.  When you’re a manager who can get done on schedule, you’re someone that everyone is going to count on to ensure that they are going to be able to handle anything, and that always pays well.

                -Company vehicle

Most typically, because construction management jobs require quite a bit of travel in some situations, you’re given some sort of vehicle in order to get you from site to site.  Most typically it’s in the form of a really nice pickup truck, or other type of heavy duty vehicle as well, so you can ensure you have something that’s really fun for you to be able to drive to and from work each day.

But of course, finding the right type of construction management jobs is not always easy, because they are a bit harder than your normal job search.  That’s why you want to give yourself the best opportunity by doing a few things.  Namely, you want to ensure that you have paperwork filed with the local Department of Labor office so that your name comes up when a contractor is doing a search.  But also, you want to go looking yourself through sites like or  That’s where you can find a massive selection of construction jobs nationwide, including management opportunities you probably wouldn’t find otherwise.

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