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Why Healthcare Administration Jobs Are A Great Choice

Healthcare administration jobs give you the best of many worlds, with job security, great average salaries, and more.

Few jobs can be as rewarding or can produce quite so much job security as healthcare administration jobs.  That’s because they are an industry that’s always on the rise, and one that’s not likely to be eliminated at any time soon.  That’s because everyone always needs healthcare at some point in their lives, because of the nature of how our bodies are made.  Through healthcare administration jobs you can be sure that you’re able to manage all sorts of interesting and challenging establishments, and reap the rewards of a position that can provide so many benefits.

There are quite a few aspects of healthcare management that make it something you should definitely be interested in.  Here are a few of the top reasons that a career in healthcare management could be the best choice for you:

1) Job security.

Few other career paths have the job security of healthcare administration jobs.  That’s because there are already an estimated 250,000 employment opportunities in active use today, that are always opening up and changing leadership.  But that number is expected to grow by at least 50,000 in the next few years, meaning more and more opportunities for those that know what they are doing.  That means you can be assured of finding a job, so long as you’re prepared, and so long as you know what sort of position that you want to find. 

2) Diversity of employment opportunities.

While all healthcare management positions fall within the healthcare field, you’re going to find that they can be quite different from job to job.  For example some healthcare administrators actually work in nursing homes, and manage assisted living facilities for the elderly or disabled.  But then there are also opportunities for doctor’s offices and small clinics if you’re more about dealing with patients and day to day standardized treatment.  In fact, you can also find the opportunity to manage hospitals as well if you’re looking for a way that you can have the most challenging, or the most interesting types of administration opportunities.

3) Fantastic starting salary.

Few jobs can say that their entry level positions pay fantastic wages, but you’re going to find that a healthcare administration jobs salary are one of them.  On average, as an administrator in the healthcare industry you can expect to make $70,000 a year as a starting point.  But most typically the salary for these types of positions goes well above $100,000 as you get more experienced and maintain more facilities successfully.  That means plenty of opportunity for job growth, and you’re always going to have a position in which you’re able to guarantee that you’re going to be able to pay the bills.

4) Major opportunities for career advancement.

Becoming a successful healthcare management administrator has all sorts of implications for the future, so long as you’re able to keep growing and performing well in each job in which you take part.  On average, most employees that become administrators at any level can look forward to being considered for CEO status, as well as other upper end executive positions after ten years.  That means you can become one of the really high ranking hospital staff members, or you can even end up practically owning the hospital at some point, the further and further you’re able to take your job. 

The only real requirement is that you have the education to back up your skills for any healthcare administration jobs.  That means you’re going to have to look into at least getting a four year bachelor’s degree focused on business, finances, as well as healthcare specific qualities.  But in most cases to really rise in the ranks you have to have a masters degree or even a doctorate if you want to be sure that you can keep moving up and up the ladder.

Most typically with any sorts of healthcare administration jobs, the more education you have the better, so it’s really important that you can keep learning and advancing your skills that little bit more.  While it can take a while before you’re able to take off as an entry level healthcare management employee, you’ll find that once your career starts rolling it’s not liable to stop anytime soon.

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