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Writing The Perfect Marketing Research Jobs Resume

A standout resume is key when it comes to beating out other applicants for marketing research jobs. Follow these steps and you'll have just that.

Coming up with the right type of resume that marketing research companies are going to respect is always a fine art, as it is with any type of career path.  You have to find ways that you can tailor your information to that job, and ensure that you look like the best possible candidate for all intents and purposes.  Anything less and it can be all that’s required for you to lose out on an opportunity, especially when you’re competing against some of the other top candidates in the field.  You’ll find marketing research jobs can get pretty competitive, so knowing how to get around that competition to be the best possible applicant for any opportunity is important.

The first thing that you have to understand is just that your resume is really the first selling point, so it’s import that it tells a good story. Here’s where you write all of your most relevant information that the company and hiring manager cares about.  Make sure that their first impression is the best possible one, especially if you want to try and succeed in this type of industry:

1) Why should your resume be specific to the job in which you’re applying?

This is a question that many people don’t understand fully, because so many manufacture form resumes that they send out to every job en masse, and then wonder why they don’t get as many callbacks.  You can always spot a form resume, and it makes this  job posting look indifferent to you, like you’re just looking for a way to make money opposed to a career you want to facilitate.  That’s the worst first impression you could have, and something that you want to avoid.

2) Make sure your educational accomplishments are in order.

In order to be seriously considered for marketing research employment, you have to ensure that you’ve got at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.  That means going to college for marketing, as well as business and even social science so that you can showcase that you have all of the skills necessary to conduct research really well, when it comes to your career.

3) Always show your interest in the industry in other ways as well.

That means taking other types of jobs, or showing that you’ve worked positions that are really relevant to most marketing research jobs.  Some of those can include just working in retail in general, especially management positions.  Then also being a secret shopper or doing anything else of the like.   This shows that you have a good grasp on the customer mind set, and that you want to work in the industry.

4) Make sure your mission statement matches the company.

You always want to do a bit of research on any type of market research companies before you apply, so that you can be sure you know they are the right fit for you.  One thing that you want to look at is their mission statement, and you want to write your career goals to fall in line with that principle, so that you can show that you’re the ideal applicant because of your similar views.  That’s something every company likes to see, and it can go a really long way.

5) Always make use of spell check.

One of the worst mistakes that you can make for any type of industry, is always submitting a resume that contains mistakes.  This is such a big drawback, and it immediately makes you look like you have no attention to detail, which is so, so vital for almost every single type of job.  That’s why you have to edit, and really look at what your marketing research jobs resume says, to make sure it makes a good positive first impression and statement about you.

6) Always include a cover letter, and be sure to follow up.

Finally, you have to factor in the two things alongside your resume that are so important.  Someone who really wants marketing research jobs that they’re applying to include a cover letter to sell themselves a bit more, and they always send thank you letters for being considered for employment. Both make you stand out, and make sure that you’re a top candidate to consider.


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