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Writing The Perfect Resume for Project Management Jobs

The first step to finding great project management jobs is ensuring that your resume looks great. Here's how to write one that employers will love.

Sometimes the key to getting the perfect job is writing the perfect resume, and you’ll find that with more major positions like project management jobs this is more important than ever.  Without the right type of resume in tow, you’re going to find that you aren’t going to be able to get your foot in the door and even get through to the interview process, which is a major failing.  Of course, something that sounds so simple can actually be pretty difficult, as there’s quite a bit more involved than you may be expecting when it comes to project management jobs resumes.

So you really just want to realize that your resume is the way that you are meant to first ensure that you’re able to get the attention of a future employer.  This is how you’re going to sell yourself, so that you can get to the interview process and make sure that you nail the job when you actually meet the prospective employer in person.  That’s why you have to both follow the rules, but make strides forward so that you can ensure you distinguish yourself from the pile of applicants in a really effective way.  Here are a few pointers that can drive you over the edge, and ensure you’ll become a total success:

Get your accolades together

When you’re applying for executive positions in the business world, you’re going to find that the requirements are pretty strict and these days you have to meet them if you want to even be considered for a job of any sort.  Most employers are looking to make sure that you adhere to about 90% of the criteria for any type of position, and that means making sure you’re really prepared for what project management jobs would be looking for.  That means going the extra mile with certification and qualifications.  One such achievement that you want to have is getting your Project Management Professional certification, as that can make a massive difference in the long haul.

Write an effective cover letter

For starters, you have to ensure that you’re able to write a quality cover letter to the resume, as this is what’s going to introduce you.  For more executive types of positions, which is what most project management job descriptions are going to consider this sort of position, you have to ensure that you’re including cover letter.  This is where you introduce yourself and where you’re able to call attention to your experience.  That means you want to include relevant experience, but then you also want to cite how interested you are in this position because of that experience as well.

Choose an effective resume style

This is vital, as you’re going to discover that how you actually bring about the project management skills that make you the best candidate for the job is vital.  There are a couple different styles here and the approach you want to use is really dependent upon the amount of experience that you actually have.  Here are the two most common formats, that can help you figure out how you need your resume constructed:


This is one of the most ideal ways for you to make an impact if you find yourself having a lot more recent experience regarding project management jobs.  That’s because work history and skills here are arranged by the most recent first.  Plus usually it’s the most recent job that makes you a proper candidate for the next position to which you’re applying.  That means this is ideal for first calling attention to your last job or your current job, as grounds to show you’re the perfect candidate.

Functional resumes

Of course if you don’t have a ton of experience to speak of in general, then this is the type of resume that you want to go with.  What this sort of a resume is going to mean for you is that instead you put an emphasis on your education and skills opposed to work history.  Your work history is going to come last as there probably isn’t a whole lot to speak of if you’re just starting out.  But it is a good chance instead to call a lot of attention to your education, and certification for things like project management jobs.

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